Friday, September 30, 2011


***LOTS OF***

Here I have for you a new brand of polish called SEXY BOMB!! I bought these from a local Asian make up store called "Cara". This is a new line they are carrying, and many of the polishes are duochromes! These polishes don't have names, but this one is labelled "S66".

I love everything about this polish! The bottles are gorgeous, it's a foil-y duochrome, it applies well and dries fast.

The brush is also really great! It makes application a lot easier. It is flat and wide, but not as wide as the Sally Hansen Insta-Dri's, so it's easier and less messy to use. The end of the brush is also curved, which makes it easier to get close to the cuticles.

S66 is a gold foil that shifts to a greenish-blue depending on the light.

Here is what the polish looks like most of the time:
This is only 2 coats!

Most duochromes I've dealt with need lots of coats, so this one is a winner!

Check out the duochromeyness!

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. omg that is SUCH a divine colour!!!!!!! i want this! makes me think of star dust or gold dust or something shiny :P

  2. Oh very pretty love the bottle lid.

  3. Yes, It is gorgeous in real life, both the bottle and polish! It's a bit like Chanel Peridot but less gold. The lid just adds to it and it feels like something you would want to put on your vanity table and show off!


  5. OMG!!!! Loving this color!!! It's very unique at least in my collection. Totally following!

    It would make my day if you followed me too!!

    Nory :)

  6. Zomg you found these too! I looove sexy bomb :D


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