Friday, January 23, 2015

A Nail Polish Mess

Random thought of the day:

I definitely need to clean my nail polish stash, destash and organize... Do people still do blog sales? Is that still a thing?? Geez It's been over a year since I mailed out polish... But alas, I've been away from the bottles so long that I can't remember where they all go and I can't find a bunch of the ones I need for my jewellery! I had a mini panic attack when I couldn't find my Ozotic multichromes. I ended up finding them in the back of a drawer but I still think I'm missing a few!! Oh the woes of a previous polish addict...

Anybody want to take some nail polish off my hands? or come help me organize? Please? lol

In lieu of a nail post, I'll leave you with a cute dog picture!

--Kim <3

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

To Polish or Not Jewellery

Hello! Is anyone still out there listening?

Sorry I've been so MIA. I've just been very busy with school and not being able to paint my nails while on practicum. I've decided to channel my polish addiction back into jewellery making and have revived my jewellery line. Enjoy!

<3 Kim

To Polish Or Not? Multichromatic Glitter Teardrop Earrings
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