Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Holiday Stash Post =D

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but I've been super busy lately. Here's a quick post though to show you the new drawers my dad got me to fit in my Ikea Expedit bookshelf. The style shown below open should fit my polishes perfectly!

Here's almost my entire stash! This picture doesn't include my base/top coats and dupes/for sale polishes.

Click pictures to enlarge =)
It took me quite a while to get them all to smile and face the camera lol...they just didn't want to stay still and stop fidgeting!
Now the next task is sorting them into the drawers! I think I will do it by brand... wish me luck! If you have any ideas or tips, please be sure to let me know!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Stash swatches ~ Sneak Peek!

So far I've tried quite a few methods of swatching my stash. I have the oval and round clear nail wheels but I get annoyed when I get a new colour and can't keep them in rainbow order

This new method allows me to rearrange the swatch spoons whenever my heart desires! Each individual spoon comes out!

I plan on using these to swatch my holos, flakies, multi/duochromes and other special polishes =)

This method does have it's pro's and con's though:

~~ You can reorganize your swatches whenever you want
~~ They are acetone proof! (My nail wheels would start to dissolve if I used acetone on them)
~~ They are great for testing layering! You can apply one polish on the top, then apply another polish on the bottom. After the bottom polish dries, you can just peel it off by scratching or using tape!
~~ The material of the spoons shows the polish's real finish (mattes dry matte, glossy polish dries glossy. My nail wheels made everything glossy and I needed a ton of top coat!)
~~ The plastic board and spoons are quite sturdy

~~ The polish will come off if you scratch or peel it. I can see myself getting very upset in the future from accidentally scratching a set...
~~ The shape of the spoons isn't as great as the nail wheels. They are also hard to polish just the round part (but you can use a brush and acetone to clean them up)
~~ Since each spoon detaches, there is the possibility of loosing some!

<---- Here's the packaging they come in. I'll probably store them in these for now, so they aren't accidentally scratched.

What do you think of these? How do you swatch your stash?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

If you have Barielle ~ Elle's Spell. . . YOU MUST TRY THIS!!

So, you may or may not know that I am not a fan of reds...
Well when I got Barielle ~ Elle's Spell I WANTED to love it, but let's face it, it's a red! Elle's Spell is a flakie in a red jelly base. Often times people will layer it over black, but I dislike black/dark vamps as well... Soooo, when my bf selected it for me to wear, I decided I would make this work...

I Present you with my awesomesauce   Elle's Spell hologram mani =D

If you have Elle's Spell + a holo glitter, YOU MUST TRY THIS!!! PICTURES DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE...
you could probably also get the effect with by layering a flakie polish and a jelly polish if you don't have Elle's Spell... =p

To get this amazing look, I used:
** 1 coat of Sugarplumb Fairy
** 2 coats of Elle's Spell

(BC = Orly Bonder, TC = Poshe)

<--- Here is Color Club ~ Sugarplumb Fairy
for reference (from the Beyond the Mistletoe Collection)

Depending on the lighting, the polish is mostly red with undertones of pink and black. It has great depth, as the scattered-holo glitter and orange-green flakies look embedded within the polish. It shimmers, shines and sparkles in every light and at every angle! It reminds me of those silver hologram stickers I used to get when I was little...
(all photos are clickable to enlarge!)


I think I'm liking this red...

What do you think??

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

China Glaze Upcoming Collections!!

Look!!! You better be getting excited!! China Glaze has some awesome collections coming out!! 

I heard about the magnetix collection and got this picture from LimitedAddictionNails's blog. I only own 1 magnetic polish by Layla and it comes with the stripe design on it's cap. It looks like these China Glaze ones have a variety of magnetic designs that come with each polish! According to LimitedAddictionNails, these will be coming out in the Netherlands March 2012. I'm really into the magnetic polish idea, seems like an awesome way to get quick and easy nail art!

EDIT: You can view samples of the magnet patterns HERE on China Glaze's Facebook page! Here is also a video showing how they work and the different magnet designs and colours! 

She also posted about a Glitter Crackle collection, but I don't think I'll be interested in these ones...
While on the note of upcoming collections, China Glaze will also be releasing a Prismatic Chroma Glitters Collection. I know most of you already know this, but this post will also serve as a reminder for me to look for them later =)  I got this picture and info from Delta Cephei's blog. These will also be coming out some time in the spring. They look gorgeous!!
I really hope I'll be able to find these in Canada! If not, hopefully someone will be kind enough to custom purchase them for me =)

Any other collections I should be looking forward to??

Ozotic 506 - Multichrome Love. . .

Hello! I have something AMAZING!!! to show you today, Ozotic Multichromes!!
Here is 2 coats of Ozotic 506, a lovely Australian polish, over 1 coat of Wet n Wild - Black Creme (and a pattern of 505 on my ring finger). 505 is almost identical to 506, but I'll show you the difference in my next post ;)

Multichromes show the best range of colours when layered over black! But, you don't have to layer them! (I'll also show you in a future post)

This polish is just mesmerizing! I wore it to work one day and everyone kept asking me about it! 506 has a blue base and depending on the light source and angle, it appears purple, pink, orange, yellow, and even a mossy green!

Here are 2 videos to try and capture the colour range!
(don't worry if you can't see these videos! I have LOTS of pictures too! You have no idea how hard it was for me to narrow down the pictures for this post!)

(Bright Artificial Light)

(Natural Daylight)

This is what it looks like most of the timeteal with a purple flash.
At steeper angles you can see the pinkorange and yellow.
Under a bright light, you can see the amazing shimmer and majestic quality of this polish! Each colour reminds me of deep vibrant jewel tones!
Here you can see the range in one shot!
I got Ozotic 505506 and 528 from a group buy that a fellow blogger, Stephanie did. You can contact her at if you're interested in getting some too! I've also picked up a few more Ozotics from the online shop, Llarowe. Both ladies selling are amazing!
Here is 506 over OPI Nail Envy and topped off with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, after 5 DAYS!!!
Isn't it lovely! I had no issues with this polish. Application was perfect! The flat brush is great! The bottles aren't tiny, they're 15ml! They are 3 free

I think I can break up with my holos for some more of these multichromes! They are just gorgeous! Also, the colour shift is extremely noticeable in cloudy weather or artificial light, which unlike holos, works perfectly here in Vancouver!

More to come soon!

Check out how 505 compares to 506 HERE =)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Revlon's Polish Bottle Makeover?

I saw a display of Revlon polishes at Superstore today.

When did Revlon change their bottle shape? I know many people complained about the old bottle (left) being well old looking, but I kind of like it. In my opinion the new bottles (right) look cheaper...I'm not sure if these are just a new line of Revlon polishes, or a complete makeover.

Here's a look at some of the other lid styles Revlon bottles have sported:

The 3 on the left I have bought within the last few months.
The 2 on the right I received in a freecycle, and I believe they are quite old.

The only info I could find on the new bottles is here.
...sounds interesting, perhaps I will pick one up next time I'm out!


Barielle ~~ Buddha-ful

Here I have for you a Barielle polish, Buddha-ful! I recently found it at Winners in a set of 5 polishes. 

The other polishes I got were Decadence, U-Concrete-Me and Slate of Affairs (and another Buddha-ful for frankening!).

Buddha-ful is a nude based polish with green-blue flakes. It is sheer and here I have on 2 coats topped with Revlon Quick Dry. I don't mind that this polish is sheer. It's like a jelly-creme. It kind of gives the look of a soft french manicure with a subtle exotic hint of sparkle.

In most lights the flakies appear green like here...
...and here...
...but at extreme levels and just the right lighting, you can see the blue.
**Note: This polish is not meant for layering over dark colours. It has a very milky base and will most likely look streaky. However, I have tried it over the 3 other Barielles I got and it looked good! Just make sure you do a really thin layer!

I also want to try perhaps thinning this polish out and also frankening it into tinted shades. Hence the backup I got =)

Here's my layering: 
I like it best over the grey

Have you had success layering or frankening with Buddha-ful? 
If so, let me know your combos!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

My nails for the "Yule Ball"

The other night I went to a "Yule Ball" (yes, like in Harry Potter) with my bf. Here's what I did for my mani to match my dress!

click photo to enlarge -->>

Base coat = OPI Nail Envy S+P
Base of the nail = China Glaze OMG
Free-handed half moon (I didn't have any of those round stickers) =
OPI Russian Navy Suede
Index + Ring finger tips = OMG
Top Coat = Revlon Quick Dry

Here's a close up of the nails and the pattern on my dress.
We had some SUN today, so here's a sunlight photo!
Here's what it looked like before I used top coat.
**NOTE: Russian Navy Suede is NOT easy to clean up! A brush and acetone can pick up the blue, but then I was left with the silver shimmer stuck to my skin (as you can see here)! To fully clean it up, I had to soak my hands in water and scrub, but that didn't fully work, so I plopped on lots of cuticle oil and let it soak. I also found that at the places on my skin that got covered in top coat, the silver shimmer would just peel off with the top coat, which made it really easy to clean up.

Just thought I'd warn you in case you plan to polish and head out! If anyone knows an easy way to clean up suedes, please let me know

Hope you enjoyed!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

China Glaze BFF

Today I'd like to show you...
China Glaze BFF!

(and a tiny attempt at nail art!)

I've been looking everywhere for this one, ever since I found the brown version of it. Andrea sent me this one in a swap we did recently.

 She also sent me China Glaze 2NITE and now my OMG collection is complete! (well the one's I want anyways). So enough with that, here is BFF!
Isn't it lovely???

Initially I thought it was too pink! I hardly ever wear pink polish, but it's starting to grow on me. BFF is a pink holo with a bit of a purple undertone. I don't really have any colours similar to it. It shows up on Google search as quite purple, but it really isn't purple at all... I think my swatches are pretty colour-accurate... well at least they are on my screen! lol... (it was hard to capture the pink without making my hand look like a lobster)
I did the accent finger with China Glaze OMG. If I had more time, I would have done all the fingers like this! To do the accent I painted the base of my nail with OMG, then I painted a crescent shape and filled in the rest of the nail, then I painted the tip with OMG again. What do you think??

Here's a shot including the label =)

Friday, November 18, 2011

MPJ... Purple Flash!

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves...!

Here we have
OPI My Private Jet!

For those of you who are new to holo polishes, there are MANY versions of MPJ. The current version is brown with a faint scattered holo. "Black" linear holo, "brown" linear holo, and "teal flash" are just some of the versions known to exist.

See how this one has a hint of purple? Well, here is my

Thursday, November 17, 2011

LOL... Puple Holo!

Here is China Glaze - LOL. It is part of the OMG collection and it is a purple holographic polish! I got this one off my friend Ginger!

My favourite polish colours are puple and teal, and I'm glad there are so many purple holos!

I have OPI - DS Original // Sand-erella, China Glaze LOL // IDK // Visit Me in Prism // Octa Gone Wild, Color Club - Fashion Addict and Wild at Heart. Now if only there were more teal holos!

This is 2 coats with no topcoat. I used OPI Nail Envy as a base. I had no streaking or bald spot issues. I don't experience these with the China Glaze OMGs. The polish was a bit thick, but for being old that's understandable. I just threw in a few drops of  thinner and shook it like crazy!

Although shaking polish is not recommended (you should roll to prevent bubbles) it is FULLY NECESSARY TO SHAKE THE HECK OUT OF HOLOS BEFORE YOU WEAR THEM! This ensures all of the holo goodness is equally distributed in your bottle =) this also means that most used dusty holos are SUPER-HOLO! due to lack of proper shaking technique! LOL...

The only issue I had with this one is that the sides of my brush strokes created not holo lines. So it was very difficult to have a smooth holo finish. I kept having to polish over the lines... Also note, it dries a bit more red than it shows in the bottle. You can see the difference in my picture.

Hope you enjoyed another holo post =)

***What's your favourite holo polish colour??***

Don't you step on my BLUE SUEDE.. Polish!

Today I have for you:
 OPI Russian Navy Suede!

I found this one at my new Walmart Supercentre's salon!

I really love the finish of the OPI Suedes, and I think I need them all!

The colour and finish kind of remind me of super blue jeans!
Here's how OPI Russian Navy Suede looks like with top coat.
(Index + Ring Fingers)
Hope you enjoyed =)
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