Thursday, December 1, 2011

China Glaze BFF

Today I'd like to show you...
China Glaze BFF!

(and a tiny attempt at nail art!)

I've been looking everywhere for this one, ever since I found the brown version of it. Andrea sent me this one in a swap we did recently.

 She also sent me China Glaze 2NITE and now my OMG collection is complete! (well the one's I want anyways). So enough with that, here is BFF!
Isn't it lovely???

Initially I thought it was too pink! I hardly ever wear pink polish, but it's starting to grow on me. BFF is a pink holo with a bit of a purple undertone. I don't really have any colours similar to it. It shows up on Google search as quite purple, but it really isn't purple at all... I think my swatches are pretty colour-accurate... well at least they are on my screen! lol... (it was hard to capture the pink without making my hand look like a lobster)
I did the accent finger with China Glaze OMG. If I had more time, I would have done all the fingers like this! To do the accent I painted the base of my nail with OMG, then I painted a crescent shape and filled in the rest of the nail, then I painted the tip with OMG again. What do you think??

Here's a shot including the label =)


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