Friday, November 18, 2011

MPJ... Purple Flash!

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves...!

Here we have
OPI My Private Jet!

For those of you who are new to holo polishes, there are MANY versions of MPJ. The current version is brown with a faint scattered holo. "Black" linear holo, "brown" linear holo, and "teal flash" are just some of the versions known to exist.

See how this one has a hint of purple? Well, here is my

Did I just freak you out there??? You're probably thinking seriously.. wtf.. another version of MPJ??? Well, don't fret! I believe what I have here is the original black holo version! I included a picture showing the batch number for reference =) Although I don't have the "brown" version to know that this is in fact the "black" version, it really is very black!

I layered 2 coats of MPJ OVER China Glaze LOL. This created the purple flash and I love it! You can see LOL here. MPJ applied like a dream, and I had no issues with it. It is sheer, so it is also good for layering combos like I did here!

I found this one dusty hunting and I've found 3 total! Two full bottles and one half bottle, all in salons and all have been the black holo version. I hope to one day find the brown one as well! MPJ is one of the Black Lid OPI holos. This was one of those polishes that I wasn't even interested in until I saw it in person! Black polish is not my thing. I originally added this to my hunt list because I knew how badly others wanted it. Both MPJ and Glamour were 2 I bought for others, but could not giveaway after laying my hands on them!

Isn't it lovely??

...blurred for holo-y goodness!

You can see the purple flash here!

Hopefully I'll find more MPJ dusty hunting because everybody needs to have this beauty grace their fingers!


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