Saturday, November 12, 2011

Polish... Jetted to My Rescue!

So yesterday I was just having one of those days where everything that could have went wrong, went wrong. I was consistently late, got lost multiple times, got stuck on a bridge for an hour, ended up going to the airport instead of home... but, there were a few positive highlights!

I was successful with some spontaneous dusty hunting after a tip to check out my local walmart from my friend Nishu over at naizysnailaddiction, I met up with Li Lian from  shortwidenails and got my Chatters exclusive OPI, I picked up some new acrylic organizers from Winners, and I picked up a blue flakie. It is my first Anna Sui! Perhaps the full moon had something to do with this crazy day... sooooo anyways, here are my new polishes! Hope you like =)
-- China Glaze LOL --
-- OPI Russian Navy Suede --
-- OPI My Private Jet --
-- OPI Chatters Me Up --
-- Anna Sui 209 --

The new salon at the newly supercentrefied Walmart had the Suede. They also had brand new bottles of the rest of the Suede collection, as well as Absolutely Alice, but they were for salon use and would not sell them to me =( I inquired about possibly ordering some and I was told to check back in a week! I am pretty hopeful, since all of their bottles were brand new, they must have just gotten them from somewhere!

Before I hit up Walmart, I went to 3 nearby salons. One salon was a bust, but the other 2 were great! I found a holo version of My Private Jet in one. This one will be finding a new home, since I already have one. An interesting thing happened when I was paying for it. The lady working there told me it was a beautiful colour, then proceeded to open up the bottle and paint her nail to show me... what do you think of that?

I fould LOL at another salon. I was quite excited to find it, as it is the last OMG I am looking for! (I'm passing on the green and gold for now). They also had Spin Me Round, TTYL and GR8.

I picked up this beauty from a store I went into to look at perfumes. It is a gorgeous Anna Sui polish that is a blue flakie! That's right, A BLUE FLAKIE! The flakes are varying shades of blue and teal and like all Anna Sui's, the polish smells wonderful! It also comes in a beautiful bottle! I love pretty bottles =)

The last polish I have to show you is OPI Chatters Me Up. It is a Chatters exclusive, meaning you can only find it in Canada. They were supposed to be given out free after getting some hair treatment done at the salons, but my friend Li Lian hooked me up!

Lastly, here is what I picked up from Winners! I like to see all my polishes, so these acrylic containers work well =) They hold about 27 regular sized polishes each. I already have 2 and I've been looking for more for a while now! The ones in the front also have a blue non-slip grip at the bottom =)

Swatches to come soon! As well as a crazy layering creation that I did with all my new HTFs =)

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