My Wishlist changes all the time! It consists of htf (hard to find), exotic and regular polish (that I just can't justify paying for at the moment). I usually end up finding my lemmings while dusty hunting or by swapping with other polish lovers, or lastly by giving into ebay! So for now, this is what I wish for:

Anything with "stars" is something I really want but can't easily get!
-- Minis

-- Look at me. Look at me

Orly Quo
-- My Muse

-- Aurora

Old Essence Colour & Go
-- Check out my list here http://to-polish-or-not.blogspot.com/p/essence-colour-go-checklist.html

Make Up Store
-- Lava******
-- Sophie******
-- Linnea******

Nails Inc
-- Serena duo
-- Lily duo

Anna Sui
-- Flakies (I have 209)
-- Dress bottles!

China Glaze
-- Millenium
2013 New holos

-- Holographic ***

Other Things I'm Interested In:
-- Unique Multichromes or Duochromes!
-- Super linear holographic polishes
-- Frankens!
-- I NEED me a good polish with ***purple FLAKIES*** (Does this even exist?!)
-- Any brand I haven't tried or can't get in BC, I LOVE international polish =)

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