Sunday, March 17, 2013

Nail-Venturous Lacquers ~ Man-Maid Dreams

   Now this polish is one of my ALL TIME ABSOLUTE FAVOURITES!!! My very talented friend Amy made it over at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous. (Also the creator of FLOAM!) This polish is truly magnificent. It may in fact be my FAVOURITE polish! That's saying a lot considering how many I have...

So WHY is it so amazing?? Well its a gorgeous seafoam-teal colour with gold/copper flakes. It shines and reflects light like a foil and it has a hint of shimmer. I have no idea how she made it, but she is a genius! It also applies like a dream!

I'm scared of using it up! I've already used like 1/3rd of the bottle... I also love how the lid is a bit different and the label is handwritten. I love this colour so much! It kind of reminds me of mermaids and copper roofs... lol

Isn't it lovely??

<3 Kim

Ombre Suede Swatchsicles and Duochrome Pants!!!

So this is my first official post of the year... Just haven't felt that inspired lately. I've also been super busy with school, applying to schools, work, etc., etc. Well here we go! 

Over winter break I worked on some swatchsicles. Here's a pretty ombre/gradient of some mattes/suedes:

I believe the bottom 4 are Nubars I picked up from Winners, and the top 3 are Pure Ice from the velvet collection that came out in US Walmarts. Suedes are fun because adding top coat to them completely changes the look! They also dry ridiculously fast.

I'm never actually done an Ombre... I should try one one day! Random ramble but I love it when you write a sentence and the same word comes up twice in a row...

Next up: 

I promised you Duochrome pants...

BAM! Found these babies over at H&M! Later that day I also saw someone walking down the street in em.

I love finding interesting clothing items in's very entertaining =D

Till next time, 
<3 Kim

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