Monday, February 20, 2012

Stamping ~ Pure Awesomeness!!!!

Here's my latest stamping attempt!!

Here I have:
Color Club ~ Where's the Soiree stamped over 
China Glaze ~ Let's Do It In 3-D with plate BM-221
(Please don't mind the messiness, I have yet to master the art of clean up.)  
Sometimes my nails catch the light and a beautiful holo rainbow appears under the black lines! I put a layer of topcoat over the black to protect the stamping but unfortunately this dulled out the holo. This look was super easy to do though! After the base colour was dry on my nails, it only took 10 minutes to do all the stamping!!! At work I got so many compliments! One lady even said that it probably cost a fortune to have had my nails doneShe was shocked and amazed when I told her I did them myself. I'm very glad I started trying out stamping and I look forward to my adventures with other images!

This is definitely a quick way to get lovely professional looking nails!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stamping ~ My First Attempt!

Here's my first little attempt at stamping
It's Sally Hansen Insta-Dri ~ Silver Sweep over a teal Sexy Bomb polish =D
With and without flash. Plate BM-203
It was fun! I look forward to trying out the other designs!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Polish Lab ~ Fundraiser Blog Sale and Giveaway

Check out The Polish Lab's Blog Sale and Giveaway to support the ASPCA!
In addition to great polishes on sale, there are some awesome indie polishes and polish rings to be won! 

I've also donated the following polishes to the sale: (more may be added throughout the week!)

Edit* Thanks everyone, the polishes I donated have already sold! =D

Saturday, February 11, 2012

China Glaze ~ Prismatic Collection ~ Swatches + Review

Hello Everyone! I have something exciting to show you today!! Here is the much anticipated China Glaze Prismatic collection! I know after seeing swatches, many people were disappointed that these weren't holographic like the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, but I still really love them! They are a gorgeous mix of different coloured/sized glitter and a few of them have duochrome, colour shifting properties. I have enough holos anyways...

There are LOTSSS of pictures! Click "read more" to see the swatches as well as the collection over black, and a comparison of similar colours...
So here we have from L-R:
Prism (purple), Full Spectrum (pink), Ray-Diant (yellow-green), Optical Illusion (green), Liquid Crystal (blue), and Polarized (silver)
Blurred so you can see the glitter in action! (w. topcoat)

All swatches have 3 coats over a clear plastic nail swatchsicle
Artificial Light (w. topcoat)
Sunlight Indoors (w. topcoat)

Sunlight indoors (w. topcoat)

Look at the duochrome effect!
Click to see a great close up of the polish texture (no topcoat)

^^^ CLICK ME! CLICK ME!!! ^^^
Comparison of China Glaze Prismatic collection with
the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection.

They are similar colours, but the CC's don't have the different sized/coulours glitters, nor the multichrome effect. The CC's also have some holographic glitter in them. In my opinion, you need BOTH collections! =D

Top Row: 3 coats
Bottom Row: 1 coat over black (colours in reverse order)

1 coat over black (w. topcoat + colours in reverse order)
The black base really brings out the multichrome.

I really like them over black. My favourites so far are probably the blue, the pink, the purple, then the green. Also, did I mention that they are silver caps??? It is hard to show in pictures due to all the sparkle, but with the exception of the silver, all the polishes are quite multichrome! What more could I ask for?? Honestly I think adding any holoness (linear of scattered glitter) would be overkill.

So what do you think?? Even thought they aren't holographic, will you still be picking some up?

ps, I've told myself that I am not allowed to buy polish for an indefinite period of time... I've gone 10 days so far! =D

Monday, February 6, 2012

Nail Mail~Customs, Oh No!

Hello everyone! The lovely Marissa from NY helped me order some stuff from Sephora and some stamping plates. Unfortunately when I received the package, customs had inspected it! Oh no!
I was a bit scared to open it...hopefully everything would still be there, and intact! 
Hmmm. Looks like the polishes were a bit rattled and the samples a bit exposed, but everyone was able to complete the journey! 

Look how cute the egg carton is!!
I ordered 4 Hello Kitty Polishes and the 2 Bundle Monster stamping plate sets. Marissa is ever so kind and added in a few samples as well as the Wet n Wild glitter polish! <3 She is so sweet! She also helped me get the Finger Paints flakie polishes!

Here are the Hello Kitty polishes! So cute and they were a great deal! Marissa was able to get them on sale for $5 each, instead of the $7 plus shipping I'd have to pay to get them here! (The store didn't have all the colours and I'd have to pay tax...the HK polishes are regular $13 in Canada, and $10 in the US.) Thanks again Marissa!

Have you ever had a package opened??

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nail Mail~Aussie Swap

I have something exciting to show you today!! I recently arranged a swap with the lovely Rachel from Glam PolishShe had been looking for MUS Greta, I had an extra left and since shipping for both of us is so expensive, we thought we'd do a swap!

This is my first big international swapsiesLook at all the lovelies I got! 

My first


BYS Cracked ~ Mauve
BYS ~ Matte Deep Purple


Essence ~ True Love
From the Vampire's Love collection

And now for the 
Essence - Colour & Go:

~~Time for Romance~~
~~Break Through~~
~~Space Queen~~

~~Make it Golden~~
~~Choose Me!~~
                                         ~~In Style~~              

~~Blue Addicted~~
~~Hard to Resist~~
~~Where is the Party?~~
Don't these look so pretty all lined up?? I absolutely LOVE how the lids match the colour of the polish! They are also such a great size, @5ml they have enough to last a while, but they are small enough that you can try lots of different colours! I wish we had these here...

You can check out what I sent her here!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Bobbie Glitters from the Philippines! (and new swatchsicles)

You may remember I posted about some polish my boyfriend got for me from the Philippines. Well, here are some swatches! I have for you 3 of the Bobbie polishes.
^ these have no topcoat
For a glimpse of what they would look with top coat, look at the picture below.
The one of the left looks like Across the Universe!
I think the centre one would be perfect for something like Xmas or New Years!
The one on the right looks like it will be an awesome layering glitter!

They are on my NEW nail swatching sticks =) (Yes, this is like my 5th trial system I think...) but I love these! I got them off ebay and I only ordered 1 set of 50 in case they wrinkle. Some other bloggers have found that when polished, some of the clear sticks will wrinkle up. I was lucky that mine did not wrinkle, but unfortunately when I went to purchase more, they were all sold out =( I'm currently waiting for the seller to restock and HOPEFULLY they will still be the "anti-wrinkle" ones lol. 

For those of you that are OK with using the nude coloured sticks, I hear those don't wrinkle. You know me though, I need my clear!

What do you think of these international glitters??

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