Friday, February 3, 2012

Bobbie Glitters from the Philippines! (and new swatchsicles)

You may remember I posted about some polish my boyfriend got for me from the Philippines. Well, here are some swatches! I have for you 3 of the Bobbie polishes.
^ these have no topcoat
For a glimpse of what they would look with top coat, look at the picture below.
The one of the left looks like Across the Universe!
I think the centre one would be perfect for something like Xmas or New Years!
The one on the right looks like it will be an awesome layering glitter!

They are on my NEW nail swatching sticks =) (Yes, this is like my 5th trial system I think...) but I love these! I got them off ebay and I only ordered 1 set of 50 in case they wrinkle. Some other bloggers have found that when polished, some of the clear sticks will wrinkle up. I was lucky that mine did not wrinkle, but unfortunately when I went to purchase more, they were all sold out =( I'm currently waiting for the seller to restock and HOPEFULLY they will still be the "anti-wrinkle" ones lol. 

For those of you that are OK with using the nude coloured sticks, I hear those don't wrinkle. You know me though, I need my clear!

What do you think of these international glitters??


  1. Great polishes!
    and yes I hate wrinkly sticks. I have a ton :( Don't know what to do.

    1. Thanks! Keep an eye out for swatches of the rest. Re wrinkly sticks, I've heard that putting a layer of base coat before the polish might help. If you try it, let me know =)

  2. I think the ATU dupe is the star of this post lol

    1. I know! I hope to do a comparison with ATU and Blue Addicted soon!

  3. ohhh..
    you were able to grab one for yourself too
    actually there is one more in that collection though i don't like it.. the pink one. have you seen it?
    i have it on my blog so i'm trying to just use it in frankening maybe it will be better...

    1. I just looked at it on your blog. The pink one is so-so. Maybe you can add a tinted base to it or something? Thanks for introducing me to these a long time ago =) My bf also picked up some of the foils for me which I hope to try out soon =)


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