Monday, February 20, 2012

Stamping ~ Pure Awesomeness!!!!

Here's my latest stamping attempt!!

Here I have:
Color Club ~ Where's the Soiree stamped over 
China Glaze ~ Let's Do It In 3-D with plate BM-221
(Please don't mind the messiness, I have yet to master the art of clean up.)  
Sometimes my nails catch the light and a beautiful holo rainbow appears under the black lines! I put a layer of topcoat over the black to protect the stamping but unfortunately this dulled out the holo. This look was super easy to do though! After the base colour was dry on my nails, it only took 10 minutes to do all the stamping!!! At work I got so many compliments! One lady even said that it probably cost a fortune to have had my nails doneShe was shocked and amazed when I told her I did them myself. I'm very glad I started trying out stamping and I look forward to my adventures with other images!

This is definitely a quick way to get lovely professional looking nails!


  1. This is so pretty! The holo doesn't look dulled at all :)

  2. LOVE IT!!!! My friend Crystal did one like this awhile ago and I've been wanting to do it but I'm afraid I won't get it lined up lol!

    1. Thanks! ummm LAURIE??? I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!! You are one of my stamping idols!

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  7. So This is really pretty. I should do something like this soon! SO pretty!


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