Saturday, February 11, 2012

China Glaze ~ Prismatic Collection ~ Swatches + Review

Hello Everyone! I have something exciting to show you today!! Here is the much anticipated China Glaze Prismatic collection! I know after seeing swatches, many people were disappointed that these weren't holographic like the OMG and Kaleidoscope collections, but I still really love them! They are a gorgeous mix of different coloured/sized glitter and a few of them have duochrome, colour shifting properties. I have enough holos anyways...

There are LOTSSS of pictures! Click "read more" to see the swatches as well as the collection over black, and a comparison of similar colours...
So here we have from L-R:
Prism (purple), Full Spectrum (pink), Ray-Diant (yellow-green), Optical Illusion (green), Liquid Crystal (blue), and Polarized (silver)
Blurred so you can see the glitter in action! (w. topcoat)

All swatches have 3 coats over a clear plastic nail swatchsicle
Artificial Light (w. topcoat)
Sunlight Indoors (w. topcoat)

Sunlight indoors (w. topcoat)

Look at the duochrome effect!
Click to see a great close up of the polish texture (no topcoat)

^^^ CLICK ME! CLICK ME!!! ^^^
Comparison of China Glaze Prismatic collection with
the Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe collection.

They are similar colours, but the CC's don't have the different sized/coulours glitters, nor the multichrome effect. The CC's also have some holographic glitter in them. In my opinion, you need BOTH collections! =D

Top Row: 3 coats
Bottom Row: 1 coat over black (colours in reverse order)

1 coat over black (w. topcoat + colours in reverse order)
The black base really brings out the multichrome.

I really like them over black. My favourites so far are probably the blue, the pink, the purple, then the green. Also, did I mention that they are silver caps??? It is hard to show in pictures due to all the sparkle, but with the exception of the silver, all the polishes are quite multichrome! What more could I ask for?? Honestly I think adding any holoness (linear of scattered glitter) would be overkill.

So what do you think?? Even thought they aren't holographic, will you still be picking some up?

ps, I've told myself that I am not allowed to buy polish for an indefinite period of time... I've gone 10 days so far! =D


  1. Replies
    1. They are so much more vibrant over black!! Thanks for posting about these before!! Otherwise I probably wouldn't have known about them until they were all sold out!

  2. I love the green the best! It's super pretty!

    1. The multichrome on the green is pretty awesome! It turns blue then purple =D

  3. I am completely in love with all of them.(sigh) Thank you for swatching all of them! OMG!

  4. wow this is an awesome post. I was about to start posting mine this weekend, but wow, maybe i don't need to :) xxx

    1. Thanks <3 Post yours too! I love looking at other people's swatches and reading their opinions!

  5. oh, ill be getting one or two ;)

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  7. I couldn't help but sneak another look,lol! I heart glitter,and that comparison with ColorClubs is amazing,how similar the colors are,however,the China Glaze glitters look more bumpy. So I still think I have to have them all.

    Where did you find these?

    1. Yes, the colours are similar but completely different at the same time!

      I got them off ebay from the seller: smithrdblue 1
      She's great, I've bought tons of stuff from her.

  8. WOW! These are SOOO gorgeous! I want them ALL!

  9. Thx for swatching, I want all them, but I must choose two. Difficult! Mayby Fullspectrum and Optical Illusion...


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