Monday, January 23, 2012

Peace, Love and Polish!

Hello everyone! I'd like to share with you a package a got in December from the lovely ladies Rachael and Brenda. This post is about more than 2 amazing polishes though, it is about 2 extremely kinda and amazing ladies and the friendships and connections I've made through polish!

I've met a lot of lovely ladies all over the world, online in different polish facebook groups and through blogging. One day I had posted asking if anyone had a polish that is quite HTF. I wasn't expecting anyone to reply or be willing to give it up at a decent price. Then comes the amazing Rachael! She's a fellow Canadian on the East Coast. She offered to sell it to me but we had one problem... domestic shipping within Canada is RIDICULOUS!! Shipping just one lonely polish from her to me (the cheapest way possible) would have been over $13!!
The polish I got was China Glaze 2030! I had been looking for this everywhere!! It's a chrome finish polish from the Khrome collection that has an amazing finish! It goes for ridiculous prices on ebay and Rachael was kind enough to charge me a regular price AND include all those amazing extras you can see in the first photo ^^^

Back to my story how did I end up getting her package?? You know with my broke student ass, there is no way I'm paying $13 to ship ONE polish!

I'm sure many of you know of the polish, "Unicorn Puke." This is where Brenda comes in! For those of you that haven't, pretty much there is this polish named Clarins 230 that is incredibly difficult to acquire! (Clarins doesn't even sell polish anymore!) Well, the polish vernacular dictates that Clarins 230 be called "Unicorn Pee!" (for reasons I am not entirely sure of...) 

Well, one company, Cult Nails, decided to release 275 bottles of it's gorgeous purple multicoloured flakie, "Clairvoyant" early, under the name "Unicorn Puke." This was accepted very well with collectors and upon the release time (which was also something crazy like 3AM or something), polish collectors everywhere were sitting at their computers, waiting to snatch up a bottle or 2!

Turns out THAT VERY NIGHT, I had to sleep early for some reason... so I could not get a bottle!! Well luck was on my side because Brenda wanted to buy, but couldn't get funds into her paypal before the release time. So I sent some monies over her way and went to bed. The next day I heard the great news that she was able to get a bottle for each of us =)

Thank you again Brenda for staying up all night!
So how did my Unicorn Puke and 2030 end up in the same package??? Well turns out Rachael and Brenda are good friends and often send each other packages. So, Rachael sent my goodies along with one of her packages to Brenda, then Brenda put it all together and sent it to me =) (Believe it or not shipping from Canada to the states, then back to Canada is still much cheaper than within Canada...)
Those of you who are hard core polish-aholics/collectors/hoarders (lol) would know that Unicorn Puke was released in October, so why did it take 2 months for me to get it? Well, first of all, Canada Post takes FOREVER and a day to move packages (I'm talking about at least 3 weeks from US to Canada! AND it only takes 3 days for US to Denmark!! WTFFFF I live 30 minutes away from the US border...). 

The other reason is that Brenda's daughter was in an accident and Brenda needed to be with her, not worry about shipping my measly polish! Brenda was amazing enough to eventually find time to send out my package! I was surprised she even remembered, I certainly would have forgotten with more pressing issues being at stake! Thank you again Brenda! For those wondering about her daughter, her recovery is progressing as we all send continuous thoughts and prayers <3

Here is my lovely bottle! It's # 5 out of 275! I think that's pretty cool! AND look at all those lovely flakies!!

So that is my little story, hope you enjoyed =) Who knew that liking polish could unlock a world of friends! AND, for those who sometimes get petty over polish, PLEASE remember there are always more important things in life than polish!

Thank you wonderful ladies! I am blessed to know both of you as well as many others I have met <3

(Look out for an upcoming post of manicures done in support of Dyan, Brenda's daughter!)


  1. You are one lucky lady! #5 of 275? That. is. awesome!

  2. I am so jealous you got unicorn puke!


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