Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nicki Minaj - OPI Save Me

Here I have for you OPI Save Mefrom the Nicki Minaj collection

This polish is an amazing silver and holographic glitter

Usually I don't like "hairy" bar glitter, but the holographic pieces in this polish really make it stand out.
They look like they are glowing depending on the lighting! They also sort of remind me iron fillings on paper, on a magnetic field... science nerd much? I think it is because the hairy glitters tend to line up from the aligned brush strokes and the algined ones glow at the same angles... anyways lol here are more pictures!

This is 2-3 coats over the purple Super Bass Shatter, which was over Silver Shatter, over Ozotic 506 LOL...

Here are close ups of Save Me in different lighting.
Here's what it looks like with the hairy-glowing-in-your-faceness is turned off...and a shot of the label =)
Here is a blurry picture so you can see the holoness!
I also bought the Nicki Minaj mini set, and it is important to note that the set comes with Save Me and NOT Metallic 4 Life (silver hex glitter in a blackened base). There is a labelling error.
(I love the ads for this collection!)
I'm hoping to come up with interesting ways to use Save Me =) Let me know if you have any ideas!


  1. its a partay !! on your nails <3 it

  2. I was thinking about getting the mini set, thank for the heads up about the labelling error.

  3. Wow! This is awesome! I love this!


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