Saturday, January 21, 2012

Designer... de freaking awesome!

OPI's Designer... De Better from the Muppets collection has officially made my top 10 favourite polishes of all time! It is amazing!!! It's probably my new favourite non-in-your-face/I'm-ordering-you-to-look-at-my-nails! colour that I own.

It is a gorgeous metallic foil almost between gold and silver. The colour is so hard to describe! It really changes depending on the lighting in the room as well as the colours of the walls.

It also seems to have tiny bits of either pink or orange in it as well. They are so fine, you can only see it really close up. 

ps. This swatch right here <---- was done on my new set of plastic nail swatching devices! Keep a lookout for my post on them...
This picture is a little blurry on purpose, so you can see how sparkly it is! It is super sparkly!
In dim light, this polish is quite reflective, as visible in this picture. You can kind of see my black hair and white shirt reflecting in my nails!

All theses photos are of:
~~ 2 coats of Designer... De Better 
~~ 1 coat or Revlon Quick Dry to top it off

The dry time of this polish was great and the formula, application and wear were fantastic. I've had it on for 5 days with no chips and hardly noticeable tip wear! This was over no base coat too, since I can't find my normal base coat... where oh where did you go Mr. Orly?

I discovered it in my Muppets mini set and had to seek the help of a friend to find a full bottle. The other day I came across it in a salon, so now I will have 2.25 bottles of it! LOL... So if you don't already have it, GO OUT AND GET IT!!!! before it becomes htf! 

This is one of those colours that is so gorgeous, but neutral enough that I could get away with wearing it on a daily basis without worry. <3


  1. I LOVE this polish!! I have tried to find it for a couple months now and it's completely gone in my area! So excited that you love it like I do :) Gorgeous swatches!!

  2. This is SO pretty!


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