Thursday, January 5, 2012


I've been hesitant to use Shatter lately because my Shatter doesn't always shatter, and there's nothing worse then doing a cool idea only to have your black shatter cover it all up! This time though, I used Shatter to save an old mani that was starting to chip
I had Ludurana Emocianante on for 5 days. There was no tip wear, but I was getting some chips. (I am quite impressed with this polish. I was lazy so it had no base  or top coat, just 2 coats of Emocianante and no black base coat is needed! I'll post pics of it alone later)

For my first day of school I wanted my nails to look good, so I threw on some OPI Silver Shatter! I wasn't sure how well it would shatter over long-dried polish, but I was willing to take the risk of it not shattering, since my base polish was already worn and chipped. I was also short on time and Shatter dries super quick

I then topped off the shatter with a coat of Ozotic 506. The Ozotic multichromes are sheer and awesome for layering! Doing so actually made the Shatter separate even more! It was so cool to watch. 

Since Shatter leaves the nails bumpy, I had to top coat it! I don't use Seche Vite and I was too lazy to even wait for my quick dry top coats to dry, so I used a matte top coat! Like Shatter, mattes dry super fast and you can watch them as they dry! I don't always have time to sit around and watch polish dry! I have things to do and places to be! Watching polish dry is reserved for exam studying time!! LOL...
I really like the depth this look creates, while keeping the nails smooth to the touch. Since the base colour was a multichrome, you can also see the colour change! It's not as intense matted as glossy, but you can still see a definite change from blue-purple to purple-pink and even to orange at sharp angles.  
Here are the full names of all the polishes I used:
~~Ludurana Aurora Boreal Emocianante~~
~~OPI Silver Shatter~~

~~Ozotic 506~~

~~Joe Fresh Matte Top Coat~~

More pictures after the jump =)
What do you think of this combo?? Have you used Shatter recently??


  1. This is cool but I am *so* over Shatter/Crackle/Whatever. LOL The base color is really, really pretty!

  2. @Megan Harmeyer LOL ME TOO! This is the first time I've used it in months! I love the base colour. I'll post pictures of it alone soon hopefully! Thanks =)

  3. Lovely manicure... .I haven't used shatter in forever!


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