Monday, December 12, 2011

Stash swatches ~ Sneak Peek!

So far I've tried quite a few methods of swatching my stash. I have the oval and round clear nail wheels but I get annoyed when I get a new colour and can't keep them in rainbow order

This new method allows me to rearrange the swatch spoons whenever my heart desires! Each individual spoon comes out!

I plan on using these to swatch my holos, flakies, multi/duochromes and other special polishes =)

This method does have it's pro's and con's though:

~~ You can reorganize your swatches whenever you want
~~ They are acetone proof! (My nail wheels would start to dissolve if I used acetone on them)
~~ They are great for testing layering! You can apply one polish on the top, then apply another polish on the bottom. After the bottom polish dries, you can just peel it off by scratching or using tape!
~~ The material of the spoons shows the polish's real finish (mattes dry matte, glossy polish dries glossy. My nail wheels made everything glossy and I needed a ton of top coat!)
~~ The plastic board and spoons are quite sturdy

~~ The polish will come off if you scratch or peel it. I can see myself getting very upset in the future from accidentally scratching a set...
~~ The shape of the spoons isn't as great as the nail wheels. They are also hard to polish just the round part (but you can use a brush and acetone to clean them up)
~~ Since each spoon detaches, there is the possibility of loosing some!

<---- Here's the packaging they come in. I'll probably store them in these for now, so they aren't accidentally scratched.

What do you think of these? How do you swatch your stash?


  1. Those look very cool! I just might want to get some. Where did you get them from? If you could post a link, that would be super helpful :)

  2. interesting! I love that you can re-arrange them!


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