Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ozotic 506 - Multichrome Love. . .

Hello! I have something AMAZING!!! to show you today, Ozotic Multichromes!!
Here is 2 coats of Ozotic 506, a lovely Australian polish, over 1 coat of Wet n Wild - Black Creme (and a pattern of 505 on my ring finger). 505 is almost identical to 506, but I'll show you the difference in my next post ;)

Multichromes show the best range of colours when layered over black! But, you don't have to layer them! (I'll also show you in a future post)

This polish is just mesmerizing! I wore it to work one day and everyone kept asking me about it! 506 has a blue base and depending on the light source and angle, it appears purple, pink, orange, yellow, and even a mossy green!

Here are 2 videos to try and capture the colour range!
(don't worry if you can't see these videos! I have LOTS of pictures too! You have no idea how hard it was for me to narrow down the pictures for this post!)

(Bright Artificial Light)

(Natural Daylight)

This is what it looks like most of the timeteal with a purple flash.
At steeper angles you can see the pinkorange and yellow.
Under a bright light, you can see the amazing shimmer and majestic quality of this polish! Each colour reminds me of deep vibrant jewel tones!
Here you can see the range in one shot!
I got Ozotic 505506 and 528 from a group buy that a fellow blogger, Stephanie did. You can contact her at slbarnet@gmail.com if you're interested in getting some too! I've also picked up a few more Ozotics from the online shop, Llarowe. Both ladies selling are amazing!
Here is 506 over OPI Nail Envy and topped off with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat, after 5 DAYS!!!
Isn't it lovely! I had no issues with this polish. Application was perfect! The flat brush is great! The bottles aren't tiny, they're 15ml! They are 3 free

I think I can break up with my holos for some more of these multichromes! They are just gorgeous! Also, the colour shift is extremely noticeable in cloudy weather or artificial light, which unlike holos, works perfectly here in Vancouver!

More to come soon!

Check out how 505 compares to 506 HERE =)


  1. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! this is freakin amazingggg!!

  2. wow, great! I've just did a blog post about 505 and I'm wearing 504 right now!
    these polishes are gorgeous!!
    your swatches are mesmerizing! I can't wait to see your comparison!

  3. <3 aniisharaj

    @Nailderella Thanks =)I saw your 505 post and I loved it! and I totally agree, it's really hard to capture the green of 505. Can't wait to see your 504 post! I don't have that one yet.


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