Sunday, December 4, 2011

My nails for the "Yule Ball"

The other night I went to a "Yule Ball" (yes, like in Harry Potter) with my bf. Here's what I did for my mani to match my dress!

click photo to enlarge -->>

Base coat = OPI Nail Envy S+P
Base of the nail = China Glaze OMG
Free-handed half moon (I didn't have any of those round stickers) =
OPI Russian Navy Suede
Index + Ring finger tips = OMG
Top Coat = Revlon Quick Dry

Here's a close up of the nails and the pattern on my dress.
We had some SUN today, so here's a sunlight photo!
Here's what it looked like before I used top coat.
**NOTE: Russian Navy Suede is NOT easy to clean up! A brush and acetone can pick up the blue, but then I was left with the silver shimmer stuck to my skin (as you can see here)! To fully clean it up, I had to soak my hands in water and scrub, but that didn't fully work, so I plopped on lots of cuticle oil and let it soak. I also found that at the places on my skin that got covered in top coat, the silver shimmer would just peel off with the top coat, which made it really easy to clean up.

Just thought I'd warn you in case you plan to polish and head out! If anyone knows an easy way to clean up suedes, please let me know

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. That dress is beautiful! Where'd you get it?

  2. @prosesroses Thanks! I got it many years ago from a dress shop called Bryans.


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