Monday, December 5, 2011

Barielle ~~ Buddha-ful

Here I have for you a Barielle polish, Buddha-ful! I recently found it at Winners in a set of 5 polishes. 

The other polishes I got were Decadence, U-Concrete-Me and Slate of Affairs (and another Buddha-ful for frankening!).

Buddha-ful is a nude based polish with green-blue flakes. It is sheer and here I have on 2 coats topped with Revlon Quick Dry. I don't mind that this polish is sheer. It's like a jelly-creme. It kind of gives the look of a soft french manicure with a subtle exotic hint of sparkle.

In most lights the flakies appear green like here...
...and here...
...but at extreme levels and just the right lighting, you can see the blue.
**Note: This polish is not meant for layering over dark colours. It has a very milky base and will most likely look streaky. However, I have tried it over the 3 other Barielles I got and it looked good! Just make sure you do a really thin layer!

I also want to try perhaps thinning this polish out and also frankening it into tinted shades. Hence the backup I got =)

Here's my layering: 
I like it best over the grey

Have you had success layering or frankening with Buddha-ful? 
If so, let me know your combos!


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