Friday, January 23, 2015

A Nail Polish Mess

Random thought of the day:

I definitely need to clean my nail polish stash, destash and organize... Do people still do blog sales? Is that still a thing?? Geez It's been over a year since I mailed out polish... But alas, I've been away from the bottles so long that I can't remember where they all go and I can't find a bunch of the ones I need for my jewellery! I had a mini panic attack when I couldn't find my Ozotic multichromes. I ended up finding them in the back of a drawer but I still think I'm missing a few!! Oh the woes of a previous polish addict...

Anybody want to take some nail polish off my hands? or come help me organize? Please? lol

In lieu of a nail post, I'll leave you with a cute dog picture!

--Kim <3

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