Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Nfu Oh 61 vs. Make Up Store Greta {part one}

YAY! I have finally ended the procrastination and have created a blog! I hope you like =D

Today I have for you TWO Silver Holographic Polishes! that are NOT hard to find (As in they are still being sold in stores or online!!!) 

Here we have Make Up Store Greta & the new Nfu Oh 61:
My mum brought me back Greta from Singapore, but  Make Up Store is located around the world. In the states you can even also order by phone!

I got my Nfu Oh 61 from! As far as I know, they ship to the US and CANADA =) check their site to find out if they'll send to you or find out if your country has a distributor.

**Make up store holos run anywhere from $14-$18 for only 8ml!! 

**While the Nfu Oh holos go for $12.50 US for 17ml at with free shipping within the states, if you buy 2 or more polishes!  

After being sold out for what seemed like forever, I finally got my hands on 61 and it's companion, aqua base.

The Nfu Oh's also come in a gorgeous corset bottle, while the MUS polish comes in sleek bottles just a wee bit taller than those of Gosh. 

So aside from the drastic price difference and bottle shape, do the two differ? Let's take a look!
Pinky + Ring = MUS Greta over Aqua Base
Index + Middle = Nfu Oh 61 over Aqua Base
I can't quite capture it with my camera, and due to the lack of sun, I am stuck with my stove light. BUT as you can see here, Greta is wayyyy more holo than the new Nfu Oh 61! Take a look at them compared on a nail wheel:
L-R = 61 // 61 w. Aqua Base // Greta w. Aqua Base // Greta
Click the pic to see the awesoness even better =D
Here you can clearly see that Greta >>> new 61 in terms of holoness! I don't have the original 61, but perhaps in it's glory days, 61 may have rivaled Greta...

Also, if you look closely at that last picture, you can see that my new Nfu Oh 61 crackled over aqua base!!! Many people including me wondered if Aqua Base was necessary for these holos...MORE ON THAT LATER!! =) well as a Greta wear test, an interesting find with 61 and application tips!

Here's one more look at Greta =D
***Do you have either or these?? 
***How do they compare to other silver holos??


  1. I have Nfu-Oh 61 and like it just don't love it. I think maybe I'm not really a silver fan as I find I like colored holo's better.

  2. congrats on your first post and good luck! :)

  3. following :) def. love the greta one better!!! I dont have any silver holos but NEEED to get my hands on one SOON! :)

  4. yay! first post!!!
    i gonna follow you!

  5. I CANNOT WAIT FOR MY GRETA!!!!!!!!!!! Great post and YAY welcome to blogging!! <3

  6. I am in love with the greta!!!

  7. LOVE GRETA!!!! I cant wait for mine to come in!!!!! Welcome to the blogging world!

  8. Nice comparison post! I just became a follower, welcome to the blogging world!

  9. I've never heard of Greta nail polishes...thanks for sharing this with us!!

  10. Wonderful post! Where can I get Greta in the USA? I do not live anywhere near a Make Up Store. I must have it! What number do I call? Thanks a bunch!

  11. Thanks,

    The store is in Denver. Here is their website with the contact info.


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