Friday, September 23, 2011

Subtle with a Chance of Sparkle~~~

Here is the mani I wore last week! It's
Joe Fresh Storm 
with an accent of
OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede
(with topcoat).

Joe Fresh is a Canadian Brand of Polish, famous for producing the flakie, Twilight... What I like about these polishes is that they come in 5ml bottles, so I can try a lot of different colours I might not normally buy. They also have a really nice flattented brush that doesn't leave streaks!

Storm is very hard to describe... I'd say it's mainly a neutral brown with purple and grey tones. It resembles the colour of chocolate milk, but a little more purple... and yes, I did compare it to chocolate milk (luckily there was some in the fridge) I just forgot to take a picture...

I wasn't going to do a post about this, but I was intrigued by how different Storm looks in different lighting. I apologize for the messiness and scratches...I took these pictures a few days after I applied the polish. 

Take a look at Storm under various lighting sources and watch how it transforms!
From Brownish... less brownish... more greyish... more purplish!!!

I really like Storm...and I hardly ever wear cremes!

Lincoln Park After Dark Suede is also amazing! I found it dusty hunting and this is the first time I've used it. Here it is without top coat.
Click to enlarge 
It is just stunning! It's one of my new favourite polishes!

Look how LPADS sparkles with top coat!

Do you like Lincoln Park... better with or without topcoat???
Do you have any favourite neutral colours???

Do you like suedes or mattes???


  1. have to keep an eye out for storm. i've got gunmetal, peacock, moss, sun kissed, matte top coat and top coat/basecoat

  2. I love peacock! I'm almost finished the tiny bottle, but I found the new fall Sally Hansen teal Insta-Dri is a pretty good dupe to it! The matte top coat is also awesome!


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