Monday, September 12, 2011

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Hello! Today I'd like to share with you 
Across the Universe!

I was so excited to get this polish. Not only are the Beatles my favourite band ever, but ATU is one of my favourite songs! 

My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with this polish! It is my first Deborah Lippmann =) I normally wouldn't spend this much on polish (ATU retails for around $18), but ATU is totally worth it! It has the perfect name and consists of my favourite colours (teals, blues, greens). After showing my bf countless swatches, one day we stopped at Holt Renfrew but they were sold out. So he went and ordered it online for me <3

I layered ATU over Revlon's Midnight Affair, a deep-almost black-navy. I didn't want to waste ATU as I had work the next few days and knew it would get eaten away.
Revlon Midnight Affair x1 // ATU x1 // Essie Good to Go TC x1
So reflective and even with one coat, the glitter is very concentrated!
(please ignore the messiness, I've yet to get my clean up brushes!)
Here's a close up before TC. You can see the variety of blue/teal/green hex glitter!

Next time I will try layering ATU alone. The jelly base and hex glitter creates depth when layered over itself! Before I saw swatches of ATU, I wasn't a fan of glitter polishes like this. ATU was my first hex glitter and has definitely changed my views on them!

A few things I found: 
** When wiping excess polish off of the brush, only wipe of the side that won't go on the nail or else the glitter will be wiped off the brush as well.
** Be careful not to brush the polish along the nail too many times, as the glitter will get pushed to the nail tips.
** The formula was fantastic! I can't wait to try it alone.
** Even with only 1 coat, ATU was difficult to remove, just like most glitters (worth the effort though!)
** The wear was fantastic! I kept it on for maybe 5 days and there was only minor tip wear. With dark polishes tip wear becomes very obvious, so I recommend doing a quick bit of touch up =)

Note: I also have the dupe from icing:
It's one side of a duality set and it's called
"Force of Love"
It's almost identical to ATU, except that it has tiny silver glitter instead of blue. FOL also doesn't have as much light blue hex glitter. It's a pretty good alternative if you don't want to shell out $18 for 
the Lippmann, but there are a few downsides:

-- Bottle shape: FOL comes in a weird double sided contraption that can make if very difficult to open the correct side (but the other polish "magnetic attraction" is also quite lovely)

-- Bottle size: I think the pair was around 8.50 CND (but they're almost always BOGO50%off), for not that many ml (not sure how much exactly) and I had to pick which bottle looked the lease USED! It also needed quite a bit of thinner, as it was not completely sealed... might as well get the real thing!

Top: Force of Love
Bottom: Magnetic Attraction // ATU
(click to enlarge!)

*** Do you own ATU or any other Lippmann's??
*** What's your favourite glitter polish??
*** Favourite Beatles song??


  1. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL I have this one and still need to try it!

  2. I need to get this!!!!!

  3. love it. I have a few DLs, GITA being my favourite. I am not a blue person at all, but have had to buy this. Its very special <3

  4. aww that's so nice of your bf! and for a man to remember a polish brand, shade, and name? kudos! lol

  5. This is a definite must have!! And yes, he's pretty awesome =D


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