Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My New Franken!

Hello! Today I want to show you a new franken I just made!
For those who don't already know, a franken is a polish that you make by mixing other polishes, glitter, pigments etc. together to make a polish your own! It's super fun and a great way to create colours you dream of but can't find!

I wanted to experiment with making my own suedes/mattes. So here is my first attempt and I'd classify it as a satin, not entirely matte and not entirely glossy!

Take a look and tell me what you think!

For this polish I was inspired by the OPI Suede collection. I love the way they sparkle when you add top coat, and the glitter really shows in their natural, suede form. You can see a little bit of OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Suede (with top coat) here.
 For this franken I started with a matte/suede base
Revlon "Powder Puff"
then I tinted it teal with
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri "Teal-y Fast"
then I added some sparkle with Sally Hansen Extreme Wear "Celeb City"

~You can see here, that the polish isn't really matte or glossy, it's in between

~Initially, I wasn't sure if mixing matte/suede polish and normal glossy polish would work. 

~The first time I swatched my fraken it separated on the nail, kind of like when you apply a nfu oh holo. It was a disaster! 

~I figured out that the key to applying this glossy-matte franken was to shake it like crazy beforehand!! This way, the 2 type of polish are well mixed together and apply like a dream! It also dries super fast!

The bottles I use for my frankens right now are ones I got from Daiso, a Japanese store. I bought a whole bunch of their holo collection and decanted the small 5ml bottles into larger 15ml ones, and now I use the empty bottles for frankening! 

Most of the empty bottles I've seen at supply stores have the cheap skinny round brush that makes my application even more horrid! A plus side to doing this is that these bottles have a nice flat, thick brush that applies like a dream! (I took these photos without any clean-up. Partly because I'm lazy, and party because I think I did a pretty good job!) 

Here's a close up of the glitter! 
Click to enlarge

Aside*** Since most of the polishes I own have already been swatched to death by other bloggers, I think I will try to post more about my frankens as well as my international + unique polishes that are hard to find on google. I don't do the swatch thing very well so I will entertain you with the various stuff I like and not bore you with my horrid nail art (just got my brushes in from ebay btw!). I want to keeps things interesting!


  1. This frankEn is gorgeous!! I really love those bottles too! Now I feel the urge to make some too! Aren't frankens so much fun?!

  2. Thanks Sarah!! Yes, I love frankening and I love using the small bottles in case they become frankenfails...

  3. Hey, I love that polish!! the colour and finish looks great!

    Also, those bottles are amazing. Wish I could get some like that here xx

  4. Very delicate and pretty! I love that sort of blue.

  5. I love this. It's the perfect soft blue.


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