Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Nfu Oh vs. Make Up Store ~~~~ {part two} 62 vs. Madeleine

Hello again! Today I am going to show you 2 peachy pink holos, but first I want to clear up something from my last post. It may not have been obvious in my last post, but Nfu Oh 61 is still VERY holographic! It just looks dull in comparison to Greta! So here is 61 + Greta compared to some other silver holos:
L-R: Top Row = Greta // 61 //61
Bottom = Greta // Color Club Worth the Risque // OPI DS Coronation // Icing Glamorous
Compared to these duller holos, 61 stands out! Both Greta and 61 show a vivid array of colours, but the rainbow effect is more elongated and less scattered in Greta, as seen above. 

I also own 2 other Nfu Oh holos: 62 + 66. 62 is a peachy pink and 66 is like an apple green. I've heard that the MUS holos are very similar in colour to the Nfu Oh's (dupes). They don't have a green for me to compare to 66, but they do have Madeleine, a peachy pink. The other dupes are (blue) MUS SIW & Nfu Oh 65, and (pink) MUS Britt & Nfu Oh 63.
Madeleine // 62
62 // Madeleine
62 // Madeleine
From these pictures you can somewhat see that Madeleine is somewhat more holographic than 62, but the extent of this is nowhere near that of the 61 & Greta comparison. There is also a slight difference in colour, Madeleine is slightly lighter.

I'd say they are close enough that you don't need both, but you could always use 62 as a base and top off with Madeleine (since it only comes in 8ml bottles and is $$$). Also, from my experience, both apply equally poorly without the proper "aqua" base coats

I've yet to do a wear test on these, but IF Madeleine wears as amazingly as Greta did (which you'll hear about in a future post), it is an indication that the extra $$$ = extra high quality!!! If you're looking for affordability though, 62 is definitely a cheaper alternative!

***What are you looking for in a holo?? 
Lasting Wear?? Extreme holoness?? Hassle-free application??


  1. Can I ask what brand the Greta and the Madeleine are please?

  2. @coachlover1000The brand itself is actually called "Make Up Store". I think it's an interesting choice of name because it is so generic. When I talk to people about "Make Up Store", they usually ask what the store's called.

  3. Lol! I had a hard time weeding out the search results for "Make Up Store" on eBay when I was curious to see if anyone was selling Greta. You are right, it is so generic!


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