Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quick Post = My Holo Haul!!!

Here is a super quick post! So I'm super busy studying for midterms right now and working on projects, but I thought I should squeeze time for this post in! Here is my Holo Haul! I found all of these at 2 salons near where I go for physio! Some are used, but most are new! Enjoy!

OMG // DV8

As promised, here are the names:
Top: TTYL, OMG, FYI, Spin Me Round, TMI
Bottom: IDK, QT, BFF, It's My Turn, DS Original, DS Sapphire

Click to enlarge!

I thought I struck lucky when I found BFF! (The salon had 3!) My friend 
Rebecca has been majorly lemming it! But unfortunately it was the brown dud version. You can see a post here comparing the brown dud to the real BFF!

***Anyone else like to dusty hunt??


  1. I don't know the trick to dusty hunting. And in this small town, I doubt I'd be successful. Good finds for you though! Actually, awesome finds :)

  2. I would love some if the price is reasonable- I have Gr8 and one other, but a pink/silver/blue would be awesome! Thanks for thinking of others!

  3. Such a great haul - I love holos.


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