Monday, October 17, 2011

Silver Holos: How well do you think you know em?

Let's play a game =)
How well do you think you know your silver holos???
Click to enlarge!
Here are your choices: 
**Gosh // Holographic**
**Make Up Store // Greta**
**China Glaze // OMG**
**Nfu Oh // 61 (new)**

Leave a comment with your guess =)

Answers: I will post them when I do my full comparison review of these 4 beauties =) Till then, guess away! 

NOTE: This is what these polishes look like, from the bottles I personally own. I can't guarantee that they all look the same or are as holo. I promise you I shook them up like crazy to achieve full holo awesomeness =) I'm telling you this because I was looking up comparisons on Google and I have to say that what I see in real life, does not match what the swatches I found ;)


  1. Greta / Nfu Oh / GOSH / OMG is my guess!

  2. @Elizedgethere is a different polish on each nail ;)

  3. L to R: GOSH/China Glaze/Make Up Store/Nfu Oh

  4. index: Greta, middle: OMG, ring: Gosh, pinky: 61?

  5. It's gretta, gosh, omg and nfu oh. (L-R)

  6. 1.Makeup Store Greta
    2.Nfu Oh

  7. I think they're in this order, left to right: GOSH, Nfu Oh, Greta, OMG.

  8. I think GOSH/China Glaze/Nfu-Oh/MakeUp Store. From L to R!


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