Sunday, October 30, 2011

Daiso Frankens!

Here are some frankens I made with my extra Daiso holos. The polish lying down in the front is the original colour. 

The a-rainbows don't have names, but they are numbered. 

This one is #1. To make the rest, I added drops of different polishes. I found that it worked best when I added strongly pigmented polish, or dark-coloured ones. The frankens turned out slightly less holo than the originals (the 5 at the back of this picture), but I like how they have a subtle, shimmery holo effect. Also, the holo was strongest in the blue and teal frankens... and YES, I did make blue and greens out of a pink polish! 
I am pretty proud of myself indeed! 

These were actually the first frankens I ever made!

I made these in the summer and I think they are perfect for fall! My favourite one is the 4th from the bottom, the purplish grey one! I'm still working on names, but the green one is called "Toxic Waste" because it has a red shimmer in it and the green reminds me of a garbage can...

***Thoughts? Which is your favourite?? Do you like to franken???


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