Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cuccio Colour ~ Longing For London

Cuccio Colour
              ~ Longing for London

"Cuccio Colour™ Professional Nail Lacquer is formulated with Triple Pigmentation Technology for rich coverage in one coat and true coverage in two coats. Contains no DBP or toluene. 13 mL (0.43 fl. oz.)"

I got this in one of my Topboxes when I was still subscribing to that monthly beauty box. 
Cuccio Colour ~ Longing for London, two coats

I really liked the formula. It dried quickly and I could have gotten away with one coat, I used two. I don't usually wear cremes because they can be a pain to apply (splotchy, thick, gooey, too sheer...), but this polish applied like a dream

Longing for London is not the most excitingly vibrant colour, but I tend to be drawn to these sorts of tinted neutrals. 

One thing that disappointed me was how difficult it seems to get a hold of these polishes. I think I got this polish in my Topbox around May 2013. Looking now, I don't see Cuccio Colour nail polish available for purchase on the Topbox online store. 

I then checked out Cuccio Colour's website and you need to create an account before you can see prices of their products, so I can't comment much on whether or not you can buy from their site.

During my brief search, I did stumble upon this beautiful swatch Vique's Varnish did of Cuccio Colour ~ Iron Clad from their Precious Metals collection. It looks like it'd fit in with the like of the OPI Suedes! I think I need the Precious Metals collection!

Go check it out! AND if anyone knows of a good place to buy these, let me know! =) 

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