Monday, November 4, 2013

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Polish

Check out these amazing Anna Sui Minnie Mouse nail polishes! They are part of a limited edition Anna Sui collection. Aren't these Minnie Mouse bottles beautiful? As always, you can click photos to enlarge =)
Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Polishes
A few things you need to know about Anna Sui polishes: 
- The bottles are amazing! Aren't they cute? I didn't think it could get better than the regular line's dress mannequin bottles!
- The packaging is also gorgeous. You won't be throwing out these boxes.
- The polishes smell amazing! They are lightly rose scented
- On top of all that, they are great quality, only 2 coats were needed, the dry time is quick and the brushes are nice and full. 

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse ~ Snow White
Snow White 002
A gorgeous white with pink shimmer, and subtle silver glitter. Surprisingly opaque and smooth!
Anna Sui Minnie Mouse ~ Midnight Purple
Midnight Purple 200
A deep shimmery purple with subtle pink and blue shimmer.

Anna Sui Minnie Mouse ~ Neon Pink
Neon Pink 300
A bright shimmery pink with a subtle blue shimmer!

Swatches of Anna Sui Minnie Mouse Nail Polishes - 2 coats
My favourite colour is Snow White. I feel like it's the most unique. I'm not a huge fan of pink and I'm on the fence with the purple, but I think everyone needs these polishes just for the Minnie Mouse bottles!

Where to buy? There are 5 polishes in this collection, (click here to see the rest) but these three were the only ones available at my Murale. I've heard these are also available at some Shoppers Drug Marts as well. For you US girls, you can get Anna Sui online at Beautylish. They also had the lip balm and mascara, but not the full make up collection (click here for photos of the full collection)

These were $15 each, but everywhere else they are listed as $16. YAY for Canada being cheaper for once =)

Are you planning on getting any of these??

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