Monday, November 11, 2013

Baby Please Come Home ~ OPI Liquid Sand

Have you tried any of the OPI Liquid Sands? I have 3. Alcatraz Rocks, Tiffany Case, and Baby Please Come Home. 

For anyone that hasn't heard of Liquid Sand or textured polish, essentially they are polishes that don't dried smooth or glassy. They have a textured finished kind of like a fine sand paper, or if you've ever worn a glitter polish without using top coat. 

I think they are an interesting concept and some of them are quite gorgeous, but they can be hit and miss. I wasn't a huge fan of the first few ones that OPI released, but I'm finding more that I like. 

Here are some swatches of OPI ~ Baby Please Come Home, a Liquid Sand nail polish from the OPI Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 collection. Baby Please Come Home is a dusty purple/pink/silver glitter polish. 
OPI Liquid Sand ~ Baby Please Come Home
OPI Liquid Sand ~ Baby Please Come Home
OPI Liquid Sand ~ Baby Please Come Home

For those that are always busy and on the go, they are a great product:
- They dry very quickly
- If you dent or nick your nails before they dry it's super easy to fix 
- The textured finish hides imperfections
- Since they're glitters, they wear well and you can just add another coat of polish to refresh a worn our manicure. 

Any Liquid Sand/textured polishes I should try out??

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  1. Oh wow this one is really gorgeous, it's quite subdued and elegant :)


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