Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 2012 Topbox

Here is a look at my first Topbox box! It comes is a paper wrapped cardboard tube. Definitely a different and reusable form of packaging.

Topbox is a beauty sample subscription box available in Canada. You pay $10 a month and receive a package each month with at least 4 deluxe beauty samples (Although starting in December boxes will be $12/month)

I've been on the waiting list for topbox for 6 months! So was this box worth the wait and does it live up to the hype? Read more to find out what I think =)

I received 4 items in by November box. 
A nail polish, a perfume, a mascara and a butter. 

1) Benefit ~ They're Real! Mascara

I really love Benefit products, but unfortunately I can't use non-waterproof mascara. So until I find a way to make it work for me, this will be sitting in a drawer or going to a friend. 

This is a pretty nice sample though. 
Full size = $29/8.5g
Sample size = $10.24/3.0g

2) Cuccio Naturale ~ Pomegranate & Fig Butter

This sample was interesting. When you take the lid off, you need to cut the nozzle to open it. I think there should have been instructions because I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be sealed like that...Nice product though. Nice light scent and non-oily.

Full size = $18.95/240g
Sample size = $0.72/9.24g

3) Pandora's Make Up Box ~ Perfume + Polish ($24.50/pair)
These two items were interesting, they are a paired polish and perfume, both in nail polish bottles. I got Citrus Playful, a bright coral red. This is definitely not one of my go-to colours, but I'm glad I can add this to my stash. It's a really pretty colour. The formula was ok, opaque in 1 coat but I did 2 for good measure. There was a bit of streaking and pulling when I applied top coat, but the polish was pretty decent. 

The perfume has a light citrusy scent that's not bad at all. It's a neat idea having it in a nail polish bottle, definitely something different. I don't know if I would value this set at $24.50 though. 

I thought this box was ok. The benefit product was great, but unfortunately something I can't use. The butter was nice, but not even worth $1. The polish + perfume set was cool and a fun addition to my collection. I know some people got China Glaze polishes which would have also been cool. I'm glad I didn't get the Vera Wang perfume sample as I already have it. I do wish I had received the MUFE eyeliner though, or the lip stain some people got. Overall I was content with the box. Hoping for nice things next month!

Topbox is changing their prices from $10/month to $12/month as an attempt to provide better samples and also provide free shipping on their newly launched online store. Personally I think they should have kept the boxes at $10 and charge people shipping for buying extra items, but obviously it helps their business to give the discount to people spending extra money at their store. Hopefully this price increase does translate to better samples =)

Are you interested in joining? Sign up now to reserve your spot on the wait list.
Already signed up? What did you get in your box this month? Thoughts?


  1. Hey! This helped a lot! Thank you. I found my nail polish which was a purple by Pandora was not neat at all on my nails though.

    1. Glad I could help =) That's too bad about the polish. I'm excited for next month's box. Hope the $2 price increase translates well to the contents of the box!


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