Sunday, November 11, 2012

Color Club Halo Hues Collection!

Here is the Color Club ~ Halo Hues collection! A group of 6 beautiful holographic polishes. 

L-R: Cloud Nine, Halo-graphic, Cherubic, Angel Kiss, Blue Heaven, Harp On It. 
 I've finally been able to get my hands on them! They were supposed to be released in Aug/Sept but my local supply store has just received their stock. They are also twice as expensive as the regular color clubs =( but these polishes look very holographic in the bottle and I can't wait to swatch them and compare them to other holos. I'm glad color club is stepping up to the plate and coming out with holos! I also love the silver caps! They are much sturdier than the OPI and China Glaze ones.
Above is with flash and below is in natural light. 
Check back soon for swatches!

Have you been able to find these polishes? If so, where?

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