Monday, June 25, 2012

My First Attempt at Gradient Nails!!!

Today I'm super excited to show you my first attempt at a gradient manicure!!!
I've wanted to try one of these for so long and I've finally found the time to do it!

Of course I had to use my favourite colour, TEAL!!! I think I went a little overboard on the polishes... probably could have used only 2 or 3, but HEY it was my first time =p

^ Here's what I used to achieve this look, and what it looked like before clean up ^

(She does the best stamping and gradients!)
Essentially I put lines of each colour next to each other on foil, then used a make up sponge to grab the polish and sponge it onto my nails. It was surprisingly quick and easy! The colour builds up to opacity really fast! 

Just make sure you keep enough polish on your sponge, or else you get bits of sponge sticking to your nails...which no one really wants... Also wait for your nails to dry before top coating, to prevent ugly air bubbles... (this is why I do my right hand first!)

The end results of this process was so amazing! I couldn't stop staring at my nails/making other people stare at them! I even had a few customers at work ask me where I got my nails done! I was so flattered!


And here's my right hand --->
I was really tempted to stamp over this, but I didn't want to risk ruining my success. Maybe next time! I'm glad to add gradients to my repertoire of nail art! I'm also excited to try gradients with different colours! Wish me luck!

Hope you enjoyed, because 
I sure enjoyed creating this look!

What colour combo should I try next???


  1. This turned out great and I love how it almost looks like the ocean. So pretty!!!

    Stamping would have been pretty as well, but yes, better to leave it than ruin it. Lol..

    I would say you do a gradient with different colors. almost like a rainbow. Lol...

    1. Thanks, I definitely want to try a rainbow look! I'm a bit apprehensive though lol

  2. Looks great. I have always wanted to try this!

    1. Thanks, You definitely should! It was a lot of fun =)

  3. Love the gradient! hmm maybe you should try a pink purple gradient?

  4. Hello, I am doing a 28 day nail art challenge in February, to help demonstrate a style I linked this post to mine. Thank you for being awesome!! Jilltastic

  5. This is so pretty.What is the name of the blue Opi that you used?

    1. Thanks! The OPI is Fly from the Nicki Minaj collection.


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