Thursday, December 6, 2012

Warm Hands & Painted Nails

I joined 2 swap groups for this Christmas season. Here's my first one: 

Warm Hands & Painted Nails

I was paired with a lovely lady from Quebec! I've never met anyone from Quebec before and this happened to be my first domestic swap if you can believe it! Lia was super nice and found me some awesome goodies! For this swap we had to include a pair of gloves/mittens and a bottle of polish, then whatever extras your heart desired. So what are we waiting for?? Let's take a look at what I got!!

The parcel itself was wrapped in gorgeous paper!
Under the wrapping was a gift box filled with all my goodies and a lovely card =)
Awesome tetris packing skills!
All the lovely goodies! I wanted a cute pair of knitted mittens and these will go perfect with my grey jacket. The blue scarf is also of a style I've been admiring but I probably would be too scared to buy it and try it myself lol...there's also some chocolate and candies, make up wipes, nail sticker strips and oh of course we can't forget the polish!!!
Can you believe I don't have any of these?! I'm super excited to try the Jacob and Bizou as these are completely new brands to me. The OPI is also lovely and will be a great addition to my minis army =) I love all these colours, especially the Jacob one! Can't wait to try them.

And since it's always more fun to see both sides of a swap, here's a look at the package I sent her from Vancity =)
And we can't forget a close up of the pretties! She really wanted to try China Glaze and OPI so I did my best to find her some brands she's yet to try =)
I really love doing swaps! It's a great way to get to get to know people better and it's so much fun buying stuff for others! Now I just need to wait one more day to open my SPS swap package! 

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