Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dotty art just for funsies!

So I decided to do some just for funsies nail art on my Color Club Silver Holo... Harp On It? Does anyone else find the names of the Color Club Halo Hues really hard to remember??? 

Anyways lol... I actually found myself bored of the holo YES it's possible, what's wrong with me right? so I added some designs using a dotting tool with Claire's Mood Polish in Excited/Bored. I just received this polish from my amazing friend Marissa, along with many other fun colour changing polishes. It was a fantastic surprise!

The mood polish changes from orange (cold) to peach (hot) but my hands are always ice cold so all you can see is the orange.
I'm curious to see how this mood polish would work stamped over a light colour. It might have a really cool effect, especially with long nails. 

Hope you enjoyed and won't hate on me for covering up a holo =p

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