Saturday, August 11, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 9: Rainbow

Today's Challenge is: RAINBOW!

For this challenge I decided to do skittles! (Each nail a different colour) I really really liked how this turned out! I used Color Club neons, OPI ~ Fly and Orly ~ Frolic.

I then used image plate BM-315 to stamp the criss cross pattern. For each nail, I used the colour on the adjacent nail beside it for stamping. So the yellow nail had pink stamping, the green nail had yellow stamping etc. 

I think my favourite colour combos are the teal and purple nails!
 Check back tomorrow for Day 10: Gradient =)

Also check out everyone else doing this challenge with me:


  1. I love this! Great color choices and a great stamp!

  2. This looks beautiful! It's hard to see the stamping from the thumbnail pic, but now that I opened up the post I'm even more impressed :)

  3. I love the stamping :)

  4. Gorgeous!! This makes me so happy!

  5. wow so awesome!!!! The colours are beautiful....and so summery! I can't wait until it is summer :)

    1. Thanks, where are you at? It's finally summer here so I'm using all my neons for the first time!


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