Thursday, August 2, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 2: Orange

Today's challenge is ORANGE

This is only the 2nd time I've ever worn orange (the first being for Halloween) and boy is this colour bright!!! 

These pictures do not even begin to show how neon this colour is. The bottle looks as if it is glowing when you hold it!

This colour is:
 Color Club ~ Polish For All

I was kind of lazy so I painted it over the silver stamping design I already had on my nails (which you will probably see later on in this challenge lol). I love how it shows through the orange!

An added challenge I've given myself is to try many of my untried polishes! So far I've crossed 2 off my list =)

Check back tomorrow for Day 3: Yellow =)

Also check out everyone else doing this challenge with me:


  1. Super pretty! I like the subtle stamping :-)

  2. I love the stamping! And I really like your nails! So pretty :)

  3. The silver stamping showing through is gorgeous!

  4. The silver stamping showing through is so cool!

  5. Thanks everyone! I was happily surprised with how it turned out!

  6. You have to be kidding me! lool that is an awesome idea, use the neon finish in your behalf!! And i adore it!! :D**


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