Friday, August 3, 2012

31 Day Challenge ~ Day 3: Yellow

Today's challenge is YELLOW!

This is my 1st time ever wearing yellow polish! I actually really like this shade on me. It's from the Essence Colour & Go line ~ 95 Wanna Be Your Sunshine. It is a softer bright yellow, with a subtle shimmer. 

Here I have layered OPI ~ DS Shimmer over Wanna Be Your Sunshine to make a yellow holo!

This combo is perfect for summer, a lovely bright colour, but not too bright for me!

Below is a picture of the Essence before I holofied it.

Check back tomorrow for Day 4: Green =)

Also check out everyone else doing the challenge with me:


  1. Love it much more with the holo touch!

  2. Perfect combination with the DS Shimmer!! Loved it! :)***


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