Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Layla Magneffect ~ Not So Simple...

So I tried the Layla Magneffect magnetic polishes and here is the end result. I had a bit of trouble as the magnet wasn't strong enough to create the design on the sides of my nails. This annoyed me a bit. The magnet is flat and located on the top of the lid

I also have a Nails Inc magnetic polish, as well as an Icing's and some from Rite Aid. The magnet doesn't come off of the lid like it does in the Nails Inc. magnetics, and it also doesn't have the place to rest your cuticle on.

Tee hee here's a picture of my right hand!

I really like this colour, it's
Blue Grey Flow. The darker parts are also somewhat sheer so you can layer this over other colours. I tried teal on a nail wheel and it was really pretty. 

I like the polish and application
, but I prefer to use the flexible magnet from Rite Aid! That way I can get the design on my entire nail.

I did find that
the effect weakened over time, having nothing to do with the addition of top coat. I did find that top coat smudged the design. Next time I'll wait longer until applying top coat. 

What I love about magnetic polishes is that they are a
fun and relatively simple way to create nail art. AND they have this lovely three dimensional appearance that you can only appreciate if you see it in person. It looks like the design changes and shifts as you move your nails. 

The only
downsides to this polish were the flat magnet and the steep price! Luckily I got this in a swap and cheaper brands are coming out with their own versions of magnetic polishes. Now I only wish I had the star design...

Do you have magnetics? Any tips or cool ideas??

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